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Flúðir - Reykholt

Flúðir and Reykholt, these small towns are popular stops on your travel on the Golden Circle.

Please use google for more info and locations


A town that has a lot of geothermal water.  Flúðir is one of the biggest greenhouse towns that manufacture a large portion of the local veggies.  


Krambúðin - Groceries

Vínbúðin - wine and beer

Minilik - Ethiopian restaurant

Kaffi Sel - Pizzas open during summer season

Secret lagoon 

Thermal pool of Flúðir


Reykholt also has quite a lot of geothermal water used for growing vegetables in greenhouses. 

Reykholt is most famous for Friðheimar - Tomato farm.

One of favorite restaurants Cafe Mika

Small grocery shop - Bjarnabúð

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